Vehicle Original VIN : A12W8M68630227
The Checker Marathon is an automobile produced by the Checker Motors Corporation of Kalamazoo, Michigan, between 1961 and 1982. It was marketed as a passenger car for consumers, as opposed to the similar Taxi, which was aimed at fleet buyers. For decades, Checker was the taxicab of choice for New York City and many other American cities. The size of the car (seating many passengers), the robust construction, the lack of yearly changes to the styling (Especially the 1958 and later models, simplifying parts management), and the bolt-on rear quarter panels all contributed to the Marathon’s ubiquity on the streets of Manhattan.
This particular wagon was a marijuana distributor bus used by Uncle Ike himself. This wagon is a rare find. At this time Aerobus switched to Chevrolets more favorable 327 cu small block engine, with 185 hp at 4,400 rpm. This is an incredible opportunity to own a true “King of the Road.” A great way to tour your new band, travel with your soccer team and start a religion. Fun for all!

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1972 Checker Aerobus 8 Door Wagon | eBay