As most hard core Checker owners are well aware the the parts supply is dwindling.  The following is an update regarding the Dan Smith Checker fleet.  Dan is activley pairing down his fleet of Checkers.  Dan took over Joe Pollard’s Checker parts business back in 2019.  He’s now in the process liquidating.

ICTA member Adam Burlett has just moved a number of Checkers across the US to Tennesee and is in the process of organing.  According to Adam ” I feel these are on the endangered species list. Had to do something before all is lost. To few of cars left not enough time in any lifetime for any man to bring them all back from the dead. So im doing my part. A few weeks ago I ventured on over to Arizona – Dan Smiths place”

Adam further states  “I was planning on going in May had to reschedule to July. It sure is hot there this time of the year. Any how, I was not planning on buying a shipment of cars however Dan Smith explained his situation and you can see what got bought. He gave me Dan Smith prices not Joe pollards, so if you are thinking prices are too high, you are wrong.”

Adam was quite clear  “Dan Smith is down sizing, planing on moving in the future. He is keeping his 10 cars and a few parts cars and the parts he needs for his cars, that is it. Unfortunately the Joe Pollard collection of parts has to go. Financially its costing too much in storage. Dan still has a few good project cars. he also has a couple running driving cars. Inventory changes daily.”

According to Adam, pricing is quite fair, “He sold me the cars as a package deal. If the car had missing or extreme damaged part, if he had the extra part it needed- It went with the car. All the cars i bought do not run, obviously in need of repairs. Some are missing engines and transmissions and that is ok with me because that is my specialty. It is unbelievable how nice these Southern California, Arizona cars are. it will be nice for a change to only do minor rust repairs.”

Over the last five years we have seen all the major Checker suppliers shut down.  Again according to Adam,  ” I seen a photo of Dans back yard with no parking spots left id say 60 cars. its down to about 15 cars now. I think it was 3 48’ft shipping containers with parts outside aswell. Last i talked with Dan he said he sold 2 of the shipping containers.”

Time is running out, Dan might have some content left, but at this point in time is safe to say “The Checker Party” on active parts suppliers are over.