Back in 2014, Joe Pollard shared some great photos of a Checker with this writer,   the photos were of a Checker undergoing a major customization.  The Checker is being converted from four doors to two doors!  This long running project started close to ten years ago.  The project belongs to Brad Denning owner operator of Dobb’s Auto Body of Springfield, New Jersey.

Dobbs Autobody is a family-owned business which has been serving the community for over six decades.  Brad Denning took over the business twenty years ago and has continued to build one of the finest reputations in collision repair services in the area. He has aligned Dobbs with the most popular and highest-end auto manufacturers and has earned certifications from automotive industry groups I-Car and Assured Performance Network.

Ongoing training gives Dobbs technicians the highest level of expertise in the industry which they put to use on our state-of-the-art equipment and technology.  This high end qualifications has clearly added to the high level quality of his Checker project.

Mr. Denning took interest in Checker when he worked on a customers Checker. So impressed with the Checker and its unique appearance Denning was inspired to make a Checker that was even more special.

Quoted in another publication Denning commented  “As to inspiration? Well, partially, one of my customers has a 81 Checker he got new and dropped it by for some repairs, and the more I looked at it closely and drove it ( and loved it), I thought it would make a great project but how unique to make a two door sedan. “

His further stated “ I’m gonna build it kind of stock but going to upgrade to a 73 292 Chevy six with twin carbs and other hot-rod goodies, 4 speed and a Dana or 9 in. posi rear. “

More pictures have recently been posted in 2017 and this year 2020 on Facebook.  Based on Brad’s most recent postings it’s clear that he has made significant progress. He now appears to be laying primer.  The recent photos show a truly amazing car.  Brad’s inspiration will clearly result in an outstanding and memorable Checker.

We look forward to seeing the end results of this interesting project. For more information about Brad’s body shop, please check out his website on the link below.

Dobb’s Auto Body


Photos by Brad Demming

Even with the extended front door, look at all the rear passenger room!!!