Last summer I went to visit joe, unfortunately his health was declining. At that point Joe and I had a heart to heart about Checker Parts. He told me he no longer had it in him to take car of the cars and parts. He told me that he wanted me to take Checker Parts over and handed me the titles and paperwork to all the cars.

Once again he told me that I was son he never wanted,  Joe also said I was the only person he could think of,  that was crazy enough to pull it off.  Joe and his wife had talked about his before I got there,   and both said I was the man for the job.  She was pleased to see something happen with the cars and parts so they didn’t just rot into the ground and of course getting everything out of the house was a bonus.

I didn’t  say anything about Joe’s health to everyone for obvious reasons,  then I got the phone call that he had passed.  Although I have lost a great friend and mentor, I know I have his blessings on keeping Checker parts going.  I’m moving and hauling cars and parts to Arizona.  It will be a long road and an expensive and tough project.  I promised Joe I would keep it going. It will take me some time to move everything and sort out what is left. I hope to do as good a job as Joe did with keeping Checkers on the road.

Thanks everyone Dan Smith.