“Anonymous Content (our production company) is very gun shy about using any recognizable vehicles, even given Fair Use laws.”

The ICTA has dealt with lawyers on several occasions, the example above takes the cake. Over the course of a several months we dealt with the lawyers and a production company ahead of production for an anonymous artist.

In the late Fall of 2016 we were contacted by a production company interested in using a Checker in a music video. The company, recognizing that the ICTA is the largest and most popular Checker club, contacted this writer looking to use a Checker in the Seattle, Washington area for a film shoot. Finding a car was easy, within minutes this writer contacted Bill Crawford, one of our most active ICTA Facebook members, Bill was more than happy to help.

For at least two months the production company insisted that the ICTA sign a release form to allow the production company to use a Checker for the video. For weeks the ICTA would respond that we had no standing in the issue or rights to the Checker car, so we were not signing anything.

Finally about a week before production, the production company wrote. To be honest, we haven’t been to the lawyers, and the point has become moot as the record company is not concerned. Happily.” The video was produced, but not without more legal clicks, apparently on film day, the production company was still looking for a signed clearance release from the ICTA.

On the set, Bill took charge and via text messages and phone calls, the legal team for the production company ‘ok’d” production to shoot the film.   Not only did the film get produced but our friend Bill was able to appear in the film as the “taxi driver” (see header photo) .  What more could you ask for drama, action, filming, rock stars and Checkers!  Here’s the complete video starring Bill Crawford and his Checker.

Thankfully, the video was produced and more importantly, the anonymous artist was Ed Sheeran an English singer, songwriter, guitarist, record producer, and actor. Apparently Ed’s a famous guy, this writer is embarrassed to acknowledge not even knowing Mr. Sheeran’s by name, he is still anonymous to this Sinatra fan, but famous he is.  The video that Bill’s Checker is in has received 16 million likes on Youtube.

The video is clearly the most popular, recently produced film to utilize a Checker. Happily for Bill this video was not only fun to make, but it has allowed Bill to promote his Checker in many other ways for fun and entertainment.

Getting ready for the next promotion

Most recently Bill posted in Facebook  “Got a contract today to do promotional advertising with my Checker and roof light for radio station 92.3 FM Seattle and also another appearance for the upcoming Ed Sheeran concert.  Dropping off my roof light for printing today.”   For Bill,  the Ed Sheeran video is a gift that keep on giving. Whether its a car show or a radio station promotion, Bill is having a ball with his now famous Checker!

In the summer of 2017, just six months after doing the shoot Bill posted  “Got my Green Machine all decked out in its  Shape of You music video bling, getting ready for tomorrow night’s live radio broadcast and promo at the Ed Sheeran concert……Wish me luck !!!!!!!”

Ed Sheeran Fans in Bills Checker!

Bill has been able to taken full advantage of his Checker’s popularity. Signage has been produced to display the Checker at shows. Whenever Bill shows his Checker, he promotes fans touching, feeling and sitting in his Checker, and the show participants love it. Bill has posted over 100 photos of his Checker being enjoyed by fans at car shows or Ed Sheeran concerts.

We all know that Checker are special. Bill’s Checker is just one example of how unique owning a Checker can be, its not your ordinary collector car. The Checker properly cared for can continue to serve the community and provide fun for all.