The internet has been a wonderful invention, over the last 40 years the tools created to help government researchers communicate, has developed into a dominant global commerce enabler. Important for business, the internet has also allowed for the growth of social media, improving how we Checker fans interact with each other.

The beauty of the Internet Checker Taxicab Archive is that it was developed for a web based world. New in thinking, the ICTA has leverage every possible technology enabler to improve how Checker fans enjoy a holistic Checker fan experience.

We love all Checker websites, this includes Checker World. Hats off to Checker World, it’s nice to see that Checker World leveraged the framework and strategy this writer created for the Checker Taxi Stand/CCCofA back in 2004. When Checker World was created in 2015, this writer forwarded all content and IT requirements used to create the Checker Taxi Stand.  Glad to see it was put to good use in developing Checker World.

Well now its 2018, and our new website has been recently updated with new features. It’s so important to keep moving forward, as opposed to living in the past. Recently we started to expand the website to offer Checkers for sale. We’re happy to announce that our Checker’s For Sale section is now smart phone compatible.

Now the complete list of available Checkers can be viewed from any smart phone. Not only that, but now the seller is one click away, just click and  a direct phone connection can be made to the seller. Additionally, if the advertisement is set up on Ebay or Craig’s List, via the smart phone you can click directly into the full advertisement on the originating third party website.

A lot of hard work is performed by a number of really nice folks to scour the internet to find advertisements for used Checkers to post on our website.  We update daily, so the ICTA members have a one stop shop to view Checkers for sale. No fees are charged to place an advertisement.

Direct links from the phone to the advertisment

Whether you’re looking at the documents in the archive, linking to our Youtube channel or reading one of the 150 blogs created over the last two years, you’re generating a web based “hit”. The ICTA website now registers more hits and page view than any other Checker fan based website experience. All these hits are a vote of confidence in the ICTA Checker fan experience.

The number speak for themselves.

ICTA 18,000 Page Views A Month

CCCofA 570 Page Views A Month

At 18,000 page views a month we have 22 time more ‘page views” per month than the next largest Checker fan website experience.  Don’t forget our Facebook group is number one, too. Our Facebook impressions swing between 4000 and 7000 a month depending on the season.  If you would like to join the daily dialog just click on the link below

So a big thanks goes out to all who have supported the ICTA website and have made it the number one Internet Checker experience.  Did we mention that membership is FREE?