80 years ago today, this photo in the header was taken of the new Checker plant under construction. Designed by Albert Kahn, this plant would become the main stamping facility. This building allowed Checker to migrate away from wood bodied taxicabs to complete steel construction. Checker would become one of the most advanced body makers and most importantly, it allowed Checker to survive into the 21st Century.

The plant remained operational until Checkers, closure in 2009.  The plant can be seen in many prominent Checker factory promotional photos.  Enjoy some of these great photos from the Herbert Baker Agency and from the our ICTA members.

Circa 1939. Full steel bodied Checker Model A

Model A6 moves down the line

Circa 1955, the all new Checker Model A8 utilized a full three box steel body design

Model A11 or A12 running down the line

Fall of 2009 plant photo prior to tear down

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