Winter is an interesting time for Checker fans.  Unfortunately for many Checker collectors, Winter is the time when we park our cars in storage, stay in the house and endeavor in other activities.  If you desire to still engage in Checker fun, one great way to enjoy the Checker hobby is to collect or build Checker models.

We’re very fortunate that there are a number of Checker models available on the market for the Checker fan to collect or build.  The opportunities come in many scales and sizes.  Additionally, the model ranges from low cost $.99 Matchbox toy to high-end 1/43 scale resin models $500.00.  Over the Winter months, the ICTA will present the various models that are available on Ebay or found in other markets.

In this issue, we’ll modestly present a model offered exclusively by the ICTA, our 1/35 scale model of the 1940 Checker Model A.  Never available in any modeling media, the ICTA has attempted to bring a version of the Model A to the Checker fan base.  Somewhat crude, this hand cast resin model attempts to present many of the features found on one of the oddest Checkers ever produced.

The Model A  incorporated new features to enhance the taxi passenger riding experience, including the new landaulet top, where at a touch of a finger, the driver could lower the back section of the roof so that passengers could ride in an open-air mode. If shade was required, a cloth awning could be inserted to reduce the effects of the sun, yet still maintain the open-air feel. Passengers in the jump seats were not left out of the experience, because above their heads was a ventilated glass roof that passengers could open to increase the flow of fresh air, yet still sightsee through the glass roof. Both the glass roof and the landaulet roof were Checker exclusive features, patented in 1936 and 1939 respectively.

The ICTA is making this model available on a limited basis, experienced modelers should have no problem assembling the parts into an interesting showpiece.  The kit includes an interiors tub and a removable landaulet top.  If interest in procuring a kit, just send an email to the ICTA via the email link about.