Special thanks go out to David Powers and Connie Wilson Powers for sharing a significant collection of factory photos from the Steve Wilson collection . Steve was a lifelong employee of Checker and former board member.

All of the pictures are up in an album in the Internet Checker Taxicab Archive Facebook page for member viewing. Twenty three photos have been loaded and are ready for viewing. The photos are all CMC promotional photo taken in the late 50’s or early 60’s, most likely by Ward C. Morgan studio of Kalamazoo, Checker’s “go to” photographer.

The photos are fantastic as they present a significant number of real world pictures of Checker’s pressing operation. The actual stampings appear to be of parts to be used on the 1958-1961 Checker Model A9

Here are just a few, to see the rest, you’ll have to join our free club on Facebook

According to Internet Checker Taxicab Archive member Chad Olin, in the picture above the die in front is the male and the one to the right rear is the female door skin die. The one on the rear left would be the trimming died to remove the excess material, before hemming the skin to the door frame stamping.

Former Plant Superintendent John Logan and Internet Checker Taxicab Archive member adds “ What you seeing is the draw die for a rear door. The die in front is the punch, the die that forms the door under many tons of pressure The other two dies hold the blank for the punch to form the door skin”.

Another example of the fantastic pictures, above depicts fenders going through their final stage of stamping.

The photo above depicts a series of Checker A9 stampings floor, roof, deck lid and roof.  To check out all the pictures, just click on the link below and join the Internet Checker Taxicab Archive on Facebook.