In 1958 Checker introduced the new Checker Model A9 as a replacement for the Checker Model A8:  first introduced in 1956.  Checker had primarily served the taxicab industry for the better part of 35 years, but plans were in order to reach into a new market, the consumer car market. The new Checker was scheduled for introduction in the fall of 1958.

The Internet Checker Taxicab Archive recently received a significant donation of over 75 blueprints that span a period of 1946 through 1976 from the Markin family, one of those blueprints is a grille proposal for the new A9. Drawn on November 1, 1957 it appears that 12 months before introduction Checker had not finalized a significant exterior feature for the Model A9.

The actual blue print is not suitable for publication on this blog, that said the Internet Checker Taxicab Archive has produced a restored line drawing of the proposal and a full rendering in comparison to the actual production grille.


On first view the proposal is very pleasing. It also seems to be a logical variation of the Model A8 grille.  The most significant features are the center bar that runs from parking light to parking light consistent with the A8 and the larger egg crate grille that is very consistent with Cadillac offering of the period.

You be the judge,  let us know which grille you like the best.

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