A big thank you to Facebook Internet Checker Taxicab Archive friends Rick Burgen and Jack Fitz Jr. for their loan of CMC Checker Headlight Newsletters for the archive.  Twenty two newsletters have been scanned and will soon will be loaded onto the Internet Checker Taxicab Archive website.

The addition to the archive is quite significant, the information in these newsletters is compelling.  Unlike other club newsletters produced by car fans, these newsletters came from Checker, the real stories of Checker are in these newsletters.

In one issue we meet Jim Stout, Mr. Stout started at Checker in 1923, hired by Morris Markin and Leyland Goodspeed.  In the July 1982 Newsletter, you’ll read about Stout and his work in the Experimental Engineering department.

You’ll meet some of our Facebook friends,  there are several appearances by Rick Burgen. One article shares the father and son story of the Burgen family at Checker.  Another story depicts Rick in the final assembly department.


Did you know Checker remanufactured Checker A11s? In a 1997 issue your presented with the story of two Checkers remanufactured and sold to Nike for the 1997 Swoosh campaign.


You’ll also meet the CMC employees, the people who produced our cars. Every newsletter presents new hires, retirees and recent promotions.  No other car company newsletter is so personal,  Checker was a one plant company, with loyal long term employees, the Newsletters give you a chance to meet these fine people.  You’ll read about their jobs, their new equipment and their new ideas.