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A major feat was accomplished this weekend, the full 1982 Checker Marathon Illustration Manual was loaded into the files section of the Checker Cab Group Club Facebook page.  We’re probably the only car club that has actually loaded diagrams of every nut, bolt and major sub assembly of their favorite car directly onto Facebook. Special thanks to Ben Merkel and former Checker General Manager John Logan for sourcing the manual.

The manual is probably one of the most helpful guides available, whatever question you have about your 1982 Checker, the answer is now just seconds away and at your finger tips.  Many of these illustrations are applicable to Checkers produced from 1958-1982. The manuals can be viewed on your computer as well as via the Facebook phone application. All are easily downloaded for printing purposes.

Sample Checker “Balloon” body assembly illustration with part numbers

For cost reasons we are only putting this manual in the Facebook files section of the group, loading it onto the Internet Checker Taxicab Archive website would be very expensive considering that the manual is hundreds of pages.  That said, all the pages have been loaded onto Facebook free of charge.  Our group is now closed, since this document is not on the website, consider it an advantage of being a member of our Facebook group.

CheckerFileCapture (2)
Sample list of illustrations available in the Facebook Group files tab

Included in the manual is a full index organized by group. Also in the index is a page reference for each group, group 10 through 470. Each page illustrates the depicted sub assembly and also lists every part number and quantity required to assemble.  Additionally some illustrations are labeled with torque or weld instructions.

Page One of the Checker Illustration Manual documents groups and page detail

If you’re not a member of the Internet Checker Taxicab Archive group, just click on the link below and join the group