1980 Checker Marathon A12E – Purchased with plans to restore it. I realize now I will never have the time.
This was part of “The Great Haverhill Checker Rescue”.

It is an A12E which means “Extended” Huge back seats with the jumper seats.

The Haverhill Checker Survivor Club


It runs but it needs lots of work.
It needs new drivers floors.
It needs new rockers. (I will include new rockers)
Small V8
The front fenders were damaged by the guy that was trying to ruin the market.
I will include 2 replacement fenders.
Front windshield cracked but there are 3 replacement glass included.
2 sunroofs.

This needs a full restoration…
I have $1800 into it. I’m open to offers.
I would love to see it restored.

The www.icta.club is a great Checker group that can help guide you.
Located in Erie, PA.
Bill of Sale Only

Link to Craigslist for seller contact information

1980 Checker Marathon A12E – cars & trucks – by owner – vehicle… (craigslist.org)

Editor note “The privious owner spent $2500.00 on mechanicals”  very solid car.