This is a 1981 Checker Marathon A10 – the private version of the same car that was used as a taxi. The car is in poor condition and needs a full going-through or would make a good parts car if you have another Checker that you are restoring. We bought it in 2000, but have not driven it on the road since 2006 or so – it had failed the MD emissions test and I never found time to fix it. The car ran, but it always had low power and was sluggish. The V-8 engine and automatic transmission are GM. The previous owner had replaced the timing chain, and my suspicion is that the chain is “one tooth off” from where it should be. I have not even tried to start it in years. There is rust-through on the lower rocker panels, as well as many other spots. I have an extra passenger front door and rear trunk door that will be included in the sale. Because the car was parked in an unpaved driveway with a lot of trees, there is dirt and tree residue on the car. The title for the car is clear, and it is currently stored inside a garage in the Baltimore area. The tires are showing dry rot, so you should plan on putting this on a car trailer or flatbed to get it home. It barely fits on a U-Haul trailer, which is how I moved it to the current location. If you want to see pictures of the car from when we were driving it, visit

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