My father went to Oregon to see his brothers, Ken and Don in March of 1990. While there, the three car enthusiasts came across an ad in the Oregonian for a 1972 Checker (manufactured in Kalamazoo) Gold Anniversary Edition station wagon. It was all original, with 19,850 actual miles, listed for $7,450. What an amazing find for my father, the car enthusiast/restorer/collector.

Steve Wilson was also the retired VP of Purchasing for Checker Motors and vividly recalled the gold anniversary edition cars that year in 1972. He purchased her for a steal at $5,000. He drove this wonderful beast of a car back to his brother’s garage in Eugene, OR, where it waited for him to return to drive it back to Kalamazoo, Michigan in July of that year, 1990.

His brother, a superb mechanic, made sure she was tip-top and ready for her cross-country jaunt. That special Checker Wagon drove 2,425 miles through mountains and forests and a plethora of beautiful scenery from the West Coast to Kalamazoo—all while towing another, all original, 1965 Pony interior Mustang convertible he purchased from his brother.

Two special cars, one incredible father, and another great story for the books. That 1972 Gold Anniversary Edition Station Wagon came “home” to her birthplace—and is still as beautiful and loved as she was then. Congratulations, Michael LaCourse on creating new adventures for this fabulous car! What stories and sights she could share!

Editor Note: Michael LaCourse recently purchased the Checker from the estate of Dave “Dizz” Eldridge also a former Checker Motors Corp. employee.  The car has been in the hands of former Checker Motors Corp owners since 1990!!



Steve, Ken and Don Wilson 1990