Checker Marathon 24 Hours of Lemons car. Street legal, clean title, passed emissions in years past. I let the reg slide during the pandemic and despite really liking this car, I have too many cars and decided I want to start the next project. Mild 350 SBC (moderate cam, vortec heads) mated to a Ford 4spd toploader, engine is set back a little. Suspension is stock-ish with added bars and lowered a little. For what it is (a heavy beast), it handles pretty well. Caged to 24HoL rules, should exceed requirements for NHRA and other organizations. Fire system, 2 Kirkey seats, seats 5 comfortably even with the cage. Comes with many spares. Lots of other details not worth mentioning here. If you’re serious, and understand what this is, you’ll find out. This is reasonably priced. Runs, but has been parked a few years. It needs some attention before hitting the track again, but nothing major (belts, tuneup, fluid changes, etc). I’m kinda sad to sell it, but you can’t keep everything forever. Be realistic. It’s a used racecar with bad paint and wrinkles. It will never be a show car. I do not need help selling it. I don’t need trades, if your inquiry looks like spam I’ll ignore it. Thank you for reading this far. Meow.

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