1975 Checker A11 for sale.It is an Arizona car with 54,710 miles on it. It runs wonderfully. There is not a squeak or rattle in it even on my country roads in Cave Creek. The motor is tight as a tick with zero noises or quirks. The transmission shifts like new and I just installed a new fan clutch as the original locked up and it sounded like a jet aircraft was taking off. The A/C is all functioning but it is low on Freon and those hoses are 45 years old. I wouldn’t waste Freon charging it up before a little bit of maintenance. There are no leaks and I put a new set of premium radials on it. The brakes appear fine and still have a lot of meat on them.

The seats were reupholstered in a black body cloth that looks very durable and all of the springs and foam are like new. The door panels are original and have a bit of waviness to them but they are savable. This has the perforated board headliner and the front section was broken and falling out so I tossed it. The interior lights work and this has vacuum power door locks on the rear doors only. All of the gauges and idiot lights work and even the gas gauge is correct. This is the only Checker I’ve ever owned that the gas gauge could be counted on. The rear has new carpet. The front had the rubber mat that was cracking apart so I pulled that out. The jute padding is fine.

This is a super solid car that has a few dents and dings on it, but it is a never seen salt Arizona car since new. It was bought at Charlie’s Checkers in Tucson by a well to do family for their Butler to use transporting the kids to school and getting the family back and forth to the airport. It is an A11 and now that the paint is faded to chalk you can see the Chicago Green color under the blue paint. It had a vinyl top when I got it that wasn’t too bad, but it was cracking and getting worse so I put a new top in the same material to replace it. The window gaskets were replaced at the same time. The only bad spot on the entire body is under the rubber mat in the trunk. There is some crusty metal there from the rear window gasket letting in water.

I’m going to offer it for sale as I want to make it into another show car and I really just don’t need more cars. This literally be taken to MAACO and have some minor body work and a new paint job done to make it look factory fresh again. It would make a perfect driver with minimal repair and I’m sure give hundreds of thousand of miles of use to the new owner.

My idea is a very luxurious interior and dual air with a killer stereo with monitors in the headrests and real wood accents on the dash and door panels like I’ve done before. Once I get started it is kind of hard to stop.

I’m offering it naked so you can see there is no bondo, no replaced fenders, no rotted out rockers. This doesn’t need 10,000 dollars worth of metal work before you can paint it. This is most likely one of the most original, unmolested, low mileage Checkers you will see in a long time. It is $5,000 dollars. No trades, no payments. $5,000. $4999.99 won’t buy it.

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