1975 Checker A11e Long wheelbase Super Cab Marathon Runs drives  97K miles , Originally sold in Arizona , Good body , Needs frame repair 🙁 

Straight six , Chevy 250 , Turbo 400 trans AT , Has “dealer added” AC that WORKS , Has the square type jump seats . 

The A11e super cab was originally meant for taxi service but THIS one was never used as a cab . It is NOT really a Marathon but that is the only model of Checker ” Cab ” that most folks know.

They are sometimes referred to a Limos but this one was not built as a limo . 
Will trade for :
Sprinter or other diesel van 
Triumph Spitfire 
Volkswagen ( TDI Preferred ) 
Rambler or other orphan , Simca , Skoda and Rochdale preferred ..