1962 was a big year for Checker, it was the 40th anniversary of the creation of Checker Cab Manufacturing. It was also the second year the Checker had officially entered the consumer car market. Now being new to the consumer market Checker had to let people know that they were really not a new car company.

What better way to let people know that you’re a not new player, than to celebrate your 40th birthday. That’s exactly what Checker did for 1962. Plastered all over every Checker brochure for 62 is that announcement that 1962 marked the makes 40 birthday.

A full line of new Checker Marathon and Superbas were available as they were for 1961. Introduced for 1962 was the new Town Sedan Limo. The limo looked similar to the Marathon and Superba, built on a longer wheelbase the limo had wider rear door openings better suited for the limousine set.  The only thing missing for 1962 was an actual Anniversary model.  A special car created to celebrate the anniversary. Sadly,  Checker did not offer a special run of anniversary cars.

Thankfully, Checker would offer an anniversary model 10 years later.  Yes in 1972, Checker celebrated its 50th anniversary. Ironically in 1972, Checker would not make a big deal about the anniversary via brochures,  yet introduce an anniversary model. As a matter of fact,  there is no mention of the model in any 1972 brochure.  That said various Checker promotional material was created: key chains and coasters

It’s not clear how many models were produced, there is no break out in any of Checkers production reports in the Archive.  The ICTA can present how many power rear tailgate windows were produced for station wagons in 1972,  but can’t present any documentation of the special models!  The ICTA is familiar with three survivors.

So what was the golden anniversary model?  Well the best we can tell you is that it was a standard Checker Marathon painted gold.  Two models were produced a sedan and a wagon.  The sedan was equipped with a formal roof and vinyl roof.  The station wagon was just a gold painted wagon, not else jumps out to indicate that they were any other special features.

Former CMC Board Member Steve Wilson’s Anniversary Wagon (2010

As stated above three survivors exist. The sedan was just sold on Oct 27th at a Mecan auction in Chicago. The sedan sold for $10450.00, according to Mecan,  it featured 5,666 original miles.  As you can see from the photos this cars is superior.  This particular car should put a damper on the claims that Checker are worth a significant amount of money. This Checker was quite a bargin.

The second survivor is a wagon. A very nice car, the wagon belonged to the late Stave Wilson. Steve was head of Procurement at Checker and was also an active board member. A very well kept car, it is currently own by a Checker fan in Michican.

The third survivor is a sedan that was recently sold by ICTA member Vicki Willess to Checker Motor Cars in Haverhill, Mass.  Thankfully this car was restored and sold in 2016, well before the small firm would start junking the bulk of their Checker inventory.  Three survivors, hopefully we will be able to see one of these cars at a show in the future.

So there you have it, for the golden anniversary you could buy a golden Checker.



Mecan Auction Car


Checker Motor Cars restoration 2016

Key chains and coasters