1970 Checker Marathon for sale. $5000 – Engine 350. Running condition.

The Checker is in running condition that he restored 30+ years ago. (350 engine) Garage kept all these years. Only driven long distances to the Checker shows (Macungie, Kalamazoo and Ohio). No one was allowed to drive his car, I only drove it once. The body is not as nice as the 1965. Some pitting and bubbling on the paint. I do not think this was a frame down rebuild, but the car was in good condition when he got it. I do think he rustproofed it, replaced the carpet and gas tank. Great car to get you started. I do not think the AC works. The transmission pan leaks, but the transmission is good. I would not hesitate to drive this car long distances home. Just bring along some extra transmission fluid. Starts right up after not running for a few weeks, so electrical system is good. Strong Running, quiet. It has a tow hook on the back too. He never towed anything.

I have different Checker parts. Not sure of everything I have. He cut apart his original 65 A12 and a 72 wagon. Let me know what you are looking for and I will check. I know I have a few used gas tanks and a radiator, steering columns, dash board, brake cylinders, distributors, body panels, handles, electrical parts, wiring harnesses and more..

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