For Sale is a 1970 Checker Marathon Aerobus 12 seater LIMO. This is bus was originally in service in the state of Indiana and was one of the 3 buses allocated to take customers from the parking facility to the departure gate during the union strike of airport personel in the early 70’s 

This 8 door Checker was actually built by Checker themselves an independent company who also supplied parts to GM and to ford motor company and only 1300 approximately where built. It is a original in every aspect. I have now put the original wheels on the car. so it is all stock.

It was restored back in 2012 whilst it was in London and became part of the display at the London Motor Museum  The complete paint job was done and the complete interior was also done. The car is a good and solid car but since it left the museum it has developed small repairs such as a crack in the passenger door window. and also small scratches due to it being in storage

The Engine is strong and good. It is a General motor 305ci so parts are readily available. It is enough power to push this beast through the street of Miami effortlessly. I will recommend a transmission overall as it leak transmission fluid. i recently drove the car to Key Largo in celebration of the win of my 12 year old daughter in her soccer team.

Please call me as i am old fashion. Buying a car without seeing it make me very nervous. I rather yo get someone to inspect the car and paint a true independent picture of the car before you buy it. I am located in Miami Florida 10 mins from MIA international airport. I have several car in fact 48 cars and bike and   a lot of it is pretty special.  All my cars and bike are coming from my private collection.

Here is my Cell number  I am open to offers and trades so feel free to contact me. My Cell number is 321 499 5086. Yes i live in Miami and have a Daytona Cell phone number. Call if you have any questions.

More picture will be uploaded this weekend.