UPDATE: The 1970 now has a new AC condenser, aluminum radiator, and grill installed. Last picture updated to show current state.

1973 Checker Marathon: I’ve owned this one for a few years now and was daily driving it until it either dropped a valve or wiped a cam lobe. It has a chevy 350 with an edelbrock intake, 500cfm edelbrock carb and a single widebody magnaflow exhaust. The transmission is a TH400 in good condition. It has what’s probably an early 80’s Earl Scheib paint job on top. There’s rust in some of the typical areas – hood lip, rear splash pan, door corners. The frame is decent – it has a plate patch on the passenger side near the firewall, no real concerns structurally. I’ve repaired and rebuilt the passenger rear inner fender and door pillar and was in the process of working my way around the back of the car. The drivers side rear inner is fine. The drivers side rear quarter has some body damage (parking garage post) but I’ve already sourced a NOS rear quarter for it. Lots of new parts over the past few years (brake calipers, steering box, fuel pump, AC compressor and lines, oil pan gasket, valve covers and gaskets, and more I’m probably forgetting). The car does have functioning air conditioning which can be hard to find in a working state. The interior carpet has been replaced, but the seats need reupholstered. The passenger side front door panel is in need of repair, the other 3 are in decent shape. All glass is good.

1970 Checker Marathon: I just bought this one this spring and was driving it on weekends until a minor front end collision. It has the more desirable dash with the separate mechanical gauges as opposed to the later warning lights. It has a chevy 350 and a BW model 12 automatic transmission. Engine ran fine (it appears to be a smog era 350, relatively low HP) – the transmission leaks from the yoke (likely just needs the gasket). I already replaced the pan gasket – the BW 12 is similar to the FMX (rebuilt using most of the same parts). The dark blue paint is failing (cracking and some light bubbling in places). The bubbling appears to be due to poor surface prep. The rockers are roached and filled with bondo, but I’ve sourced a set of NOS rocker panels. In the collision, the hood, grill, and bumper were damaged. I’ve been in process of procuring replacement parts – currently have 2 hoods, a replacement grill, and a bumper that will hopefully show up (lost via Grayhound shipping, still working on finding it). The interior is in good shape. It’s light blue – the drivers bench has been recovered, the rest of the upholstery is original and in good shape.

My original plan was to address the leaking transmission and swap on a manifold and carb to let it breathe a little more, then sell the 73 and keep driving the 70, but after the collision I’m left with 2 non-operational and don’t have the time or resources to continue on with them. I’d much prefer to sell them as a pair, but would consider selling each individually at a higher price. They are both in very restorable condition.

Parts are still available – the owner of Checker Parts in CA died this summer, but another Checkerhead is taking over the operation and moving all of the salvage/cars/parts to Arizona. Restored Checkers are selling in the high teens to low 20s – but there aren’t too many of them left. These are both Marathons that were never used for fleet or cab service.

Not interested in lowball offers – the price is pretty firm. I may be open to trades for a late model SUV or truck.

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