A Swedish-sold Checker Marathon de luxe from 1968, known as Skräcken. Sits a 6.2L diesel v8 with th400. Discs from a newer checker front (same discs and pads as for van), capricea axle rear suspended in a trangular 4-link. 4-way air suspension. Towbar.

Have had it since 2014 and have put a lot of time and money into it over the years. Matching caravan can follow if there is interest. It is an Imv Opatija from 1969. Not inspected, but will be inspection-free after an approved inspection. Got something new a few years ago. Such as a new floor mat in the same style as the one in the checker, new refrigerator, new tires, new electricity, etc.

Will definitely forget a lot, but make an effort to list what has been done within the last year: 2021 Half-finished rear-facing center sofa that can be folded towards the front seat. Newly built 4-link New shock absorbers all around New ss-6 bellows all around New Air Lift valve block (controls the height with the app in the mobile) 2 new vair pressure sensors New vair 485c that works together with a vair 480c New connections and air hoses New water separator Stacked in floors, drawers, posts and ceilings New 180ah battery (located under the floorboard cover in the drawer floor) Suicide doors built New front tires. New upper spindle joint h-side New vinyl floor mat New entry moldings in stainless steel. Brand new electrical system. New washer motor New light switch New tank gauge and luminaire Kidney tank New hose and pressure bell so you can fill air along the road, if needed New speedometer drive Floor and drawer covered with asphalt mats New bases in factory box with a sharp step New 2kg industry extinguisher (so you meet the requirements from motorsport) Double 3 “new from the back seat and rear (front half was replaced a few years ago). New red mexar blankets. New element in the front heating package. Chromed grill New stainless steel tank tires Beer box built in the hat shelf, can hold about 18 beers plus ice. (Can be lifted out) New rear packbox 2020 New fan New straps New pitman arm? Each frame lift 2017 and arranged in a frame. Then it has become much more over the years such as: New speedometer cable New injection pump New feed pump New glow plugs New diffusers New starter motor New rear tires New generator New knot crosses New 480c New fuel lines New brake pipes New master brake cylinder New gaskets New ignition lock New meters with sensors New radiator hoses The list can be made longer. Guide price of 169k just to put something, it is the highest bid that applies. The only interesting thing about the change is the American 30-50s.

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