I have decided to put up for sale my Checker Taxi, this is the last car #124 from the St a Paul MN fleet, the vehicle is Ontario Titled ‘Fit’. owned 18 years. It has has extensive work all photographed. Entire new floor c/w stiffeners Replaced the fold in floor and Faux rockers with 1/4 plate to ABC pillars Custom formed Rocker covers in 12ga satin coat Proper double Roof light, with On Radio Call upper – functional Correct period lever actuated Taximeter Hidden CD changer, functional heater Period correct Checker hubcap covers Vehicle was built as a 229V6 on propane Converted to removable Forklift tanks (2 in date) ideal for long storage Vehicle is ‘Shoot Ready’ patina correct with usage is not a show Queen but fully drivable excellent front rear brakes and parking brakes Seating two vinyl bench seats – No divider to facilitate close camera likewise area between rear seat base to front seat is 4ft. A very hard to find appreciating asset, is a known car to the Checker Club.

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