250 6 cylinder, column shift manual transmission, rock solid Arizona car. Has the rare rear jump seats and was being redone as a vintage taxi but WAS NOT originally a taxi. It was a private car. Has been stored in my garage for the last 5 years with the intention of restoring it to rent for movies (GOOD money, like $350/day and up).

Alas, I have far too many projects, so I’m thinning the herd. Car isn’t shiny, it’s just wet from a good scrub to remove 5 years worth of dust (see the last picture from earlier this evening). Many new in box parts and spares, including a windshield and taxi conversion bits. Fix it up as a driver, or slap the taxi graphics on and draw people into your business with a unique vintage Checker out front.

Replacement wiring harness needs installation, so dash is dropped and steering shaft is disconnected. I’m told it ran before that, but I HAVE NOT tried to start it. Clear title. Easy resto or go custom.
$2500 OBO

Link to Craig’s List