1965 for sale. $5000

A new home is needed for my father’s A12 1965 Checker Marathon. (Not sure but I think a 283 engine in the 1965) The restoration was almost complete. During the restoration he took the car apart down to the frame, rust proofed and painted the frame, re-assembled and re-painted the car. From what I remember, he professionally paid to have the heads rebuilt, I think all new chains other standard parts to rebuild, but I am not sure. He got it running, but the engine was rough. He complained about the timing chain being one tooth off. He started to dismantle the front part of the engine to get to the timing chain, but never finished. We have all the parts. Seats were recovered professionally. This never left the garage after the restoration. Would need to be towed. I think this is the better car, too bad he did not finish it

I have different Checker parts. Not sure of everything I have. He cut apart his original 65 A12 and a 72 wagon. Let me know what you are looking for and I will check. I know I have a few used gas tanks and a radiator, steering columns, dash board, brake cylinders, distributors, body panels, handles, electrical parts, wiring harnesses and more..