Introduced for 1962 this design is essentially an A9 with some minor visual differences.

Only a well trained eye can see the difference made in 1962 from the A9 first introduced in the fall of 1958:

  • Parking lights moved to the outboard fenders
  • The front splash pan was eliminated
  • Rear wheel openings were enlarged to the fender body line
  • Bumpers were raised up and fenders were altered accordingly
  • Additionally the bumpers now as a dip at the center to house a license plate.
  • Door seam between front and rear doors eliminated

In 1964 Checker no longer offered the Continental six engine and the majority of power plants options were GM Chevrolet based offerings.  Later in the decade a diesel Perkins engine option was offered for 1968 and 1969. 


1967 saw the increase in both windshield and rear window openings to improved visibility.

1969 saw the introduction of the side marker lights required by federal law to improve side visibility at night.


In 1973 new federally mandated hydraulic bumpers were added to the taxicab. The new bumpers were essentially the 1962 chrome metal bumpers mated to shock absorbers. Somewhat awkward the extension forward left a visible gap below the front wheel opening and required a new longer splash pan.  These new shock absorbing bumpers seemed to all sag after repeated bumping. Parking lights were also increased in size.

In 1974 the purpose built taxicab received purpose built bumpers that were meant for the rough and tumble taxicab business. To many the new non chrome plated aluminum bumpers took away some of the charm of the Marathon and projected a more industrial appearance.


  • Shipping Weight 3410 LBS
  • Wheelbase 120 Inches
  • Overall Length 199.5
  • Front Track 60 Inches
  • Rear Tread 62.5 Inches