A re-engineered Checker was introduced in 1950. This was the Model A4, with its companion, the Model A5 pleasure car. Both models featured a tighter turning radius and wraparound bumpers that bore a strike resemblance to the 40s era Cadillac bumpers.

The A4 and A5 also sported new rocker panels for improved driver entry and larger side windows for improved passenger visibility. Both vehicles were equipped with a fully functioning trunk.  The A4 also had a unique feature: an electrically operated opening rear window, which improved ventilation for rear passengers.

Spotters Guide

Model A4 1950-1952

in the fall of 1949 the design was a continuation of the Model A2. That said, there were significant changes made
warranting a model change. Easy identifiers:

  • Massive wrap around bumpers similar to the 40’s era Cadillac
  • 40 box egg crate grille
  • Increased windshield size
  • Beltline lowered on doors to increase the size of the side windows
  • Modified rear fender wheel opening3 with chrome fender guard
  • Chrome around the greenhouse eliminate
  • Contoured rocker panels removed, new flat rocker with a thick chrome strip.
A4 A5 II (2)

Sole Surviving 1950 Checker A4 former MGM Movie Car