Real Checker cabs have been pretty scarce lately, particularly authentic A11 taxicabs.  Most of  the Checkers you see out on the collector car market today are predominantly Checker Marathons painted like NYC taxicabs.  Given authentic Checker Cabs are scarce, there are other Checker that are even rarer.  Perhaps the rarest of Checkers are Checker police cars!

Equipment found in the unit

Up until today, this writer was only aware of one surviving Checker squad car, a former Monroe County squad from Florida.  Today, ICTA Member Ryan Rad has discovered another surviving squad! Here’s his story posted on Facebook.

Some pics in the daylight of the police car I picked up last night. If anyone could help me find pictures of when it was in service that would be awesome. It’s from Newport New Hampshire. I started out trying to get a parts car for the windshield to use in my other car. But this car is way too cool to take apart. Now I need a back glass for this one AND still need a windshield for the other lol. The police car has awesome patina. The frame is good I just went over it w a flashlight, the floors and rockers are shot but the rest is pretty good!”

If you have any information please contact the ICTA via the comments section of the blog.  Ryan really needs help finding photos of this car when it was in service for a proper restoration.  Within Cop Car collectors circles authenticity is disired, old photos can help identify original graphics, emergency lighting and paint schemes.  All help will be greatly appreciated.

Full story on Youtube

Editor Note 06/25/2022, Thanks to the good people of Newport, New Hampshire, some photos of the in service car have been provided.

Interesting to note that the rear fender opening was modified at some point while still being used by the Newport Police.