A big welcome to our new ICTA member Mat Creacradt of Corry, PA.. Mat found his Checker on the ICTA website in the for sale section, back in 2020. Here’s Mat’s story!

I purchased the car in 2020. It was in western part of Texas and was rust free. I started work on it that fall. I pulled the original 327 engine, pulled the body off the frame and stripped both down to bare metal. I painted the frame and installed new bushings in the front suspension. I painted the body yellow and got a Checker taxi strip kit for it. To make the car go, I installed Chevy 6.0 liter engine and a 4L80E transmission. To make it fun I turbo charged it with a Gt45 turbo. I put in a Sloppy Stage 2 cam and a water to air intercooler. I had the car up and running May of 2021. Unfortunately there was a couple problems with the tune and the 6.0 engine burnt up last summer. I swapped that engine out for a spare aluminum block 5.3. Over last winter I wanted to make the car handle so I bought an 88 Corvette and used the suspension from that for my Checker. I built a complete custom frame that uses the front and rear Corvette suspension. The car handles great now.