Just want to share the link to some great Checker fans in Finland!  Here’s the Finland Checker Club  page.

Checker Ry | Facebook

Here’s a one photo from the clubs Facebook page.

Again, from the Finland Checker Cab crew, here’s a great period video.


The long-awaited Checker cars were disappointing for their Finnish recipients. The hard-hit cars received a murderous statement from the Helsinki Car Inspection Man.

In the New Programme (1951), the camera runs in the Port of Helsinki, where american Checkers mentioned as quality cars arrived for inspection by rental drivers. Disappointed motorists measured the damage to the cars. The baskets were bumpy, the engines were rusty, the fenders were different pairs and handles were missing. The long sea journey from the United States had caused considerable damage, including loading and unloading had affected the condition of the cars.

According to the commentator, the future will show whether cars will become fit to drive. The inspection man had already made a murderous statement.