It was a valiant attempt at driving a 1958 Checker Cab Model A8 Drivermatic Special, but it just wasn’t meant to be.  After over 250 miles the newly rebuild transmission failed.  That said, it was still a fun trip in the Checker and documented in the video below.

The Checker is scheduled be pickup up ASAP and brought back to Toledo for warranty work.

Enjoy the video.  Links to Youtube and Vimeo below


Failed Trip in a Checker Cab Model A8 to Lake Geneva (


As expected the Checker Monster tried to comment on this blog.  Note his satan email address, how fitting.  All you Checker Crackheads….this is your leader.  BTW, the towing was covered under warranty.

Runs with the big dogs? Ah, probably meant to say Big Pigs?  

POST SCRIPT 9/28/ 2021

Andy Taylor AKA The Checker Monster left the following comment on this website.  “As much as I would love to take credit for this it’s not my doing, looks like he may have someone else you’ve probably badmouth as well.”.

Well, a true liar and con man that we know he is responsible for the Satin post, note the IP address from another demented post below 174 210 130 145, this is Andy Taylor’s IP address.  All of his insane comments can be tracked to this IP Address.  Sorry Checker Monster, we know its you.  We also know you are doing the bidding of the CCCofA.

So Andy is also Satin,,,, good to know 174 210 130 145, but we always knew that!!!!