This is just a big thank for creating a great line of Checker 1/64 scale diecast Checker Cabs.  We at the ICTA have been actively promoting each new issue and are really happy with the recent line of 60Th Anniversary offerings.

Its clear that your product managers have been getting ideas from our web site, so this blog is a “suggestion” blog of other Checker Cab variations that would be great to see in the future.

Up first,  how about a traditional Ohio-based  Black and white cab.  The Black & White brand was very popular in Columbus and Ohio.

Another great candidate in a very interesting color scheme is the Whittlesea Checker Cabs of Nevada.  The Red, White and Navy Blue is not only patriotic, but very unique in the taxicab trade.

How about Chicago Yellow. Started by John Hertz, back in 1915, by the 1930’s then Chicago company was operated by Morris Markin of Checker Cab.  Greenlight already produced the Green/Ivory Chicago Checker Livery, a Yellow version would complete the set.

How about a traditional Checker Orange and Black?

And while your at it,  how about a Kansas City LaClede Red Cab?

One last suggestion.  How about a Coca Cola Surge Cab!  They made a big splash back in the early 1990’s!

Hey, if you want additionaly ideas, our ICTA members will be glad to help.  Again, thanks for offering this great line.

Special Thanks to Laddie Viteck, Emmerson Zentz and Alex Ginsburg for supplying some great photos!