Since 1984, Jon Barnes has been carrying tourists through Aspen in the back of his 1978 yellow Checker cab. Now he’s carrying thousands more virtual visitors online.   The vintage taxi is enough to stop traffic. But over the years, Barnes has been accumulating more and more cool stuff — electronic keyboards, drums, lasers, lights — until by the early ’90s, it became more a vehicle for entertainment than transportation.

Now, the Ultimate Taxi is on the Internet, broadcasting images of passengers and Aspen scenery through a cutting-edge wireless network, designed by Harvie Branscomb with Sun Microsystems Aspen research lab funding the wireless broadband project.

From the Ultimate Taxi’s website the following is listed as features on his classic Checker!

The taxicab  is a 1978 Checker Model A11 with 541,061 miles on the odometer. The taxi has been modified with 900 RGB LED lights, lasers, two Wildfire black light effects,  color kinetics LED lighting, a  Mackie 402-VLZ3 four channel compact audio mixing board, mini strobes, color changing fiber optics, mirror ball, dry ice fog, 8 mini par stage lights, a killer 900 watt sound system, including a Bazooka BTA8100 8-Inch 100-watt amplified tube subwoofer, the  PSR-620 Yamaha keyboard, Yamaha DD-55 digital drums, a Nikon 3100 digital SLR camera, the Behringer RV600 reverb machine, a Lenovo notebook computer, an American DJ haze machine, an HTC Droid DNA and 100 feet of cool neon EL Wire. Additional features include the Ultimate Taxi music synthesizers, The SU-10 Midi sampler and all of the batteries in the trunk.

For Information, Call or Text Jon, at  970-404-1290

For a sample of The Ultimate Taxi, here’s a link to Youtube.

(1) GoPro: The Ultimate Taxi – YouTube

Here’s a link to The Ultimate Taxi’s website.

The World Famous Ultimate Taxi From Aspen –