We happy to report that we just published our sixth and final Newsletter for the year.  No other Checker club generates six Checker content packed Newsletters,  PERIOD.  The ICTA has now produced four full years of Newsletters.  We’re no longer the new kids on the block,  we’re now recognized as the “go to”  club of Checker information and history,  the best part is our content is still free.   The charge for dues, is your friendship.

Let’s face it,  2020 has been a pretty crummy year due to the Covid situation.  Thankfully, the Gilmore Museum brighten up our year with an orphan show. Eleven Checkers showed up and we have complete coverage in this Newsletter.

Also in the latest issue of FARES you’ll find a full update on ICTA members recent Checker acquisitions.

We have some great photos in this issue. Jennifer and Stephen Fiorenzo demonstrate how to have fun in the Fall with a Checker.  Ryan Scholl provides some Halloween fun and we also present a series of vintage Checker taxicab photos.  Dave Kniffen presents some great Checker shots from The Giving Tree Orchard.

The ICTA recently acquired the Checker Motor Corp Press Release files for 1965-67.   In this issue, we present a reprint of a Kalamazoo Gazette article “Checker Does it Under One Roof”.

What do Telescopes and Checkers have in common?  Find out in this issue.

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