Just a quick blog, celebrating some recent ICTA members acquisitions. We’re happy to report that Tom Schwartz and his wife Heather just scored a 1977 Checker A12 Marathon,  according to Tom

We just picked up our first Checker today! Found by accident at a local farm auction! Definitely a case of being at the right place at the right time! Lol. It’s a 77’ A12 with a 305 V8. I am a Checker novice and looking forward to learning more about them.”

Also new in the stable, Emerson Zentz just acquired a Checker A11 from Checker God,  Ben Merkel. Cab number 8 is a former Black and white cab of Charleston, West Virginia, note the header of Emerson’s cab when it was in service!  Great to see another vintage taxicab in added to Emerson’s fleet.

ICTA member Jeff Detweiler just purchased a sweet Checker Wagon.  According to Jeff  “Pretty happy to be picking this up later in the week after finding it at auction last week! A ’72 Marathon A12 wagon showing 8400 miles on it, original paint ( mostly pretty good ) and interior ( good except the front seat looks like it was attacked by a Kraken ) Looks to be the correct/original 350, and has AC and cruise control.. not sure if those were factory installed options or added aftermarket, any expert knowledge out there on that? The car seems to be 99% complete, missing two upper tailight lens. As a former Michigan kid who grew up 20 miles from the plant, and then became a fleet manager for one of the last operating Checker fleets in LA in 1978-80.

Congratulations to all the new Checker owners, we’re sure you’ll be happy.

Emerson Zentz and Ben Merkel with Black and White Taxicab number 8