Many Checker fans are well familiar with the Checker A11 Taxicab drag car built by Chris Markin some 20 years ago at Checker Motors.  Back in 2004 it was featured in Motor Trend magazines Super Stock Chevy. At the time it was reported that “the Checker does not haul passengers anymore, it just hauls”.

Big news this week, New York Checker collector Michael Pincus just purchase this awesome ride. Michael commented on Facebook  “I have been in the Checker Hobby for about 10 years and have owned about 15 Checkers.  I still own my first love 7A70 and will die with the car.  Over the years, there have been many Checkers I would love to own.  Last year, I was fortunate to acquire the GTA Graffiti car from Ben Merkel. I loved the car the moment I saw it in Ben’s pole barn.  The other car I have admired is the Checker Dragster that Chris Markin built and owned.  The car is so different than any of the Checkers out there.”

He went on to post “The Dragster sure has history. I am now fortunate to call the Dragster my own.  The car is so impractical but I can not look at it without smiling ear to ear.  That alone is worth it.

Will Michael race the Checker,  most likely no, Michael has limited mechanical car knowledge or race experience, as Michael also posted “the car might never see the drag strip again but will soon be cruising the streets of NY. “

Congrats to Michael and his new ride, perhaps he’ll trailer it to Macungie next year?

Header photo courtesy of Super Stock Chevy