Belmont, Michigan is a beautiful community approximately 15 miles north of Grand Rapids.  A quaint town, major site seeing highpoints is the Rogue River and the Cannonberg Ski and Ride Park, it would be a great place to visit to relax and unwind.   Recently Belmont, gave sightseers another reason to visit, in June an estate auction that would be of interest to any Checker owners showcase some fantastic items for sale.

ICTA Kevin Hahn was one of the few Checker fans that’s were aware of this event, and lucky form him he made a major score. Kevin was able to secure at auction a beautiful Checker Marathon and at a fantastic price to boot!  The auction was of the estate of Jim Bonner.  The late Mr. Bonner was the operator of Michigan Motorcars a former Checker franchised dealer. The estate auction yielded a significant Checker memorabilia that Mr. Bonner had saved over the years.

According to Kevin, the Checker is “It is a 76 A12E with Manufacturer’s plates on it.”   From photos, its quite clear that this is perhaps one of the cleanest and original Checkers around. Red with a black vinyl formal roof, this is clearly a high-end Checker limo.  Even more unique, the Checker came with a manufacturers license plate mounted front and rear.

Congratulations Kevin!

© 2020 Joe Fay

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