Back in 2016 ICTA member Alex Ginsberg posted the beautiful picture in the header with the following comment “I moved down to St. Louis in 1998 to attend graduate school, and was surprised to see 3 Checkers in RED operating in the city. I took multiple photos through the years and, rest assured, would frequently take dates out in them.   In 2002 there was still ONE OPERATING and here are the photos taken August 2002.”

In 2016, many ICTA members speculated on the Checker current whereabouts? Well we have an answer now. We recently received a message from ICTA member Laddie Vitek “I bought that A11 in St Louis, picking it up this week. “

Laddie indeed picked up the Checker a was able to provide some great photos. Laddie was also able to procure the original paperwork and receipts from the original purchase back in 1981.

Purchased by the LaClede Cab Company, the original seller was Checker’s Cab Service division in Long Island City, New York just across the East River outside of Manhattan. Three cabs were purchased for just over $23,000. We think its safe to assume that all three cabs are the same ones referenced in Alex’s original 2016 post.

It’s interesting that the three vehicles came from New York?  St. Louis is a lot closer to Chicago and Kalamazoo than New York. Perhaps the cabs were purchased from dealer floor stock and the only red cabs in inventory were in New York?

Laddie’s plans are to put the cab back into its original livery.   Luckily the St Louis cab operator was able to include decals and a roof light.

Congratulations to Laddie, the second owner of this Checker.

Header Photo by Alex Gnsberg. Content Photos by Laddie Vitek