We’re happy to present a message from Fred.  “I’m pleased to tell you that the Checker is back on the road.  I would like to thanks all of you for help and support.  Have a good day and a good week-end. Fred”

Here’s the backstory on this Checker Pick-up. According to Ben Merkel  “The 67 Checkup was built by Checker dealer Hillis Motors in Portland, OR from a wrecked A12E and they used it to haul motorcycles, which they also sold. I have pics of it when I got it” He went on to post  “I sold it about 12 years ago to Claude Brami of Paris, France.”

We heard from the current owner, Frédéric Boulant late last year. “The pick-up conversion is now located in France.  Purchased 2 years ago in pretty bad condition. It’s last owner let it outside for years and elements have damaged it.”

The Checker needed general repairs, a bumper and brackets. As you can see from above, the Checker is back on the road!!!

Congratulations Fred!!

The pickup back in the day, when used by the Checker/Motorcycle dealer