Every so often a Checker comes along that totally amazes. The Checker Aerobus feature is the header is clearly one of impressive Checkers.   Unfortunately, we don’t know too much about it.   Several videos were posted on Youtube back in 2014.

There were rumors that the car’s builder passes away shortly after completing project, but again, its just a rumor we really no little about this vehicle.   The video demonstrates a significant effort to remove the top, reinforce the body structure, weld the doors together and craft a custom cowl, windshield  and rear fenders.

In another Checker group, various folks have chimed in challenging the cars frame integrity.  With only pictures, its really hard to tell what has been done.  Some say the chassis is made of wood, but that seems highly dubious.

Based on the videos it appears that a custom interior has been built?  Check out the videos and you be the judge.   The builder clearly has very good metal fabrication skills.

What ever it is, its pretty awesome, here are two videos, up first the body build.


The second video  titled 1968 Checker LIMO my Boat on Land! seems to indicate a nautical theme.  The windshield does have a speedboat appearance.  Also the interior looks like it came from a yacht.  What ever it is, this writer loves it.


We don’t know who the video creator is “Ron Checker”,  if any of our readers have  information, please forward it to our email in the top right corner of this blog or perhaps the comments section of this blog.