Update from Chris Monier Day 2

“Another failure… the road trip in all its splendor!   But a thousand miles across new Mexico, Texas and we made it to Oklahoma.”  

We had a chance to speak with Chris late last night. According to Chris he seems to be having issues with bad fuel. Prior owner Bob Kerkel had not driven the Checker on a regular basis in five to ten years. It appears that there is bad fuel in the tank and that the bad fuel is wreaking havoc.

Chris is able to cruise well at 70 MPH on the interstate, but he having challenges at low speed.  He’s cleaned out the lines, fuel pump and carburetor but is still finding white chunks rancid fuel in the system.  Plans for day 3 is to drive from Tulsa to St. Louis, then onto Cleveland on day 4 to meet up with Ben Merkel.

Best of luck on Day 3!