It all started in 2008 when we were realtors in Paris, France, and the job had begun to become very problematic.  So challenging was our reality business, it started to impact our health.  We needed a change.

At the time we owned a London taxi and used it as our private family car, we drove around with my little son and went to work with the taxi and everyone came to see us and said: “Wow, that’s nice where did you get it?” With all the positive reactions generated by our London taxi we hatched an idea.  We decided to leave it all behind, and after two years of searching for the right place, we found a place in the country abouyt 100km south of Paris.  A new place to start a new life and new business!  We decided to create a car service using London taxis!

We found a little estate that needed significant work, it would be a challenge, but we could see the potential. Thus started years of hard work required to restore the estate and build a new business.  Little by little, we built up our garage and renovated the little barn.  It took about four year of work, we moved into our country estate and our enjoying the fruits of our labor in 2012. We then focused on building our new business, renting London taxis with driver, for weddings and other events as well as for marketing purposes.

We named our business Taxifun and it is exactly that.  After the estate was completed,  we started to acquired London taxis and built up our own renting fleet.  Once we had a fleet, we built out a significant parts inventory.    Pretty soon we had a complete business.

The business was so successful, it was only natural for us to expand our fleet of black cabs and acquire a New York Yellow Checker Cab.  The search was a significant challenge. I looked for Checkers the world over. We couldn’t find what we wanted in the US, so we expanded out search outside of the US. I found an advertisement in Canada, quickly contacted the owner and closed a deal.

The owner has now become a dear friend, we regularly speak and share our Checkers stories. We bought his Checker and shipped to France three years ago.  A lot of time and money was spent and time was spent to get the Checker in order and roadworthy, Significant time was spend to details such as the renovated interior and a complete overhaul of the mechanicals.

This is the first full year that we have run the Checker and it has become a dream come true. We have had a lot of fun with our new Checker friend “Chubby”

Editor Note.  Judith and Matt are interested in purchasing more Checkers for their service.  If you are interested in selling a Checker to Taxifun, please contact contact info on their web site listed below.

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