As most of our readers know, we love to portray stories of Checkers still being used in business. That said this quick blog is about Checker owner and ICTA member Dave Freedenberg.  Dave is an expert in Food, New York City and Checker Cabs. That being said, its only a natural that Dave operates Fat Dave’s Five Borough Eating Tours.

His credentials are impeccable. According to the late Anthony Bourdain of The Travel Channel “Aside from knowing New York City’s streets like the back of his hand, he’s (Dave) got a firm grip on the under belly of Manhattan”.

The New York Times reports “Dave has acquired an encyclopedic knowledge of neighborhood eateries.”  Check out the comments from Dave’s Facebook page. This guy knows is stuff!

New York City’s culinary landscape supports more than a dozen eating tours,  but only one is conducted in a vintage Checker cab: Famous Fat Dave’s Five Borough Eating Tour. “Famous” is a real NYC yellow cab driver, and every time he takes a fare, he gets a recommendation on where the locals eat in each neighborhood.

From this priceless research, he has compiled an extraordinary catalog of the city’s hidden food treasures.  With his unique knowledge of where real New Yorkers eat,  Dave offers tourists and New Yorkers alike a variety of personalized eating tours. Word of mouth, the website, and mounting press coverage has led to the tour’s smashing success.  Famous Dave has been featured on Travel Channel, Cooking Channel, PBS, and more.    He is currently writing a book about his culinary adventures and how they’ve led him create the tour..

Dave offers a series of tours all conducted from his Checker Cab. Chow your way through the real New York City in a classic Checker Cab, here are some of the tours he offers:

  • -Discover your favorite slice on the Pizza Party Tour

  • -Taste pickles that will make you plotz on the Pickle Tickle Tour

  • -Eat allll night long on the Midnight Munchie Madness Tour

  • -Sample cannoli fit for Clemenza on The Boot of the Boros Tour

  • -You can decide the theme or just go for Famous Fat Dave’s Faves

For more information Checker out Dave’s website

Dave’s Facebook page

Check out this video on YouTube to hear Dave’s story