If you’re on the market for Checker, there is really no better place to go, than the ICTA Checkers or Sale on this very website. Over the last three years the ICTA Checkers For Sales site has become the most popular place to find a Checker currently for sale on the market.   In the last two years over 300 Checkers have passed through our website. If you perform a google search on Google, we show up as the number two site.  Now to be fair Autotrader.com comes up at first, but we’re not quite sure what algorithm is being used as, its very rare to see a Checker for sale on Autotrader.   Hemmings has had the same three Checkers listed for sale for the last years.  No doubt with 300 listings, we’re the biggest.

Now some folks like to wait months to for paper magazines and newsletters to find a Checker, if you do, you’re missing out,  the Checkers fly through our site,  much faster than paper based publications.   The only Checker that remain for sale for long periods of time on our site, are those that are most likely over prices. You know the ones were talking about, 20,000+ unrestored Checkers on Ebay.

This past week two rare Checkers passed through our site and were sold quickly. A rare Medicar and an equally rare Checker A11 Taxicab from the Seattle area. The Medicar was formerly form California, it was totally solid and sold for a extremely fair $4500. The second was a former Aristocab from Seattle, well documented and old in less than five days!   These two cars sold so fast, it would be impossible to list in any month publications. Forget about quarterly publications, by the time published, these cars would have been old news.

Most of the ads provide direct connections to the seller.  No go-betweens like we have seen recently in with other clubs.  The go-between is typically someone who will connect you to a club and then charge you a fee for club membership, pretty shady, if you don’t pay up, you can’t see the Checker.  We have seen this practice recently used on several rare Checkers.  Most recently on the rare Checker prototype.

Our Checkers For Sale section is smart phone compatible, using your smart phone, just click on the phone number on the advertisements and you will be immediately connected to the seller. All information is presented in the advertisement, unlike other Checker For Sales sections on the internet, viewers do not have to maneuver via Excel worksheets.

Bottom line, if you wait for paper, your going to miss out on deals, so please check out our classifieds on a regular basis.

Here’s a direct link to our Checkers For Sale sections http://www.icta.club/checkers-for-sale/