Great News! The junk Checker Model A12e is running and roadable!

A big thank you to Dan Smith and Ben Merkel. Dan supplied a high quality used Checker fuel tank purchased at 495 Auto Salvagers and a transmission linkage to repair the fork lift damage to the transmission. Ben Merkel was extremely generous and provided free storage this Spring. Thanks to both true Checker hero’s.

Another big thank you to Heatherdown, Auto in Toledo, Ohio, for a very fair price they performed top-notch repairs.   A new oil pan was installed as well as a used transmission casing, also supplied by 495 Auto Salvagers in Lawrence, Mass. Additionally, the guys at Heatherdowns Auto also installed new brake lines and gas lines.

Up next, more brake work and a carburetor rebuild. We’ll keep you posted.

Here a quick video of its maiden voyage returning from the brink….the crushing yard.