I bought this 81 A11 Checker figuring I would part it out. The more I looked it over and got it running I think it needs to go to someone who will save it. It needs a frame. This car starts up, runs smooth, drives and stops but the frame is very bad. Beyond repair in my opinion.  I know I could make decent money if I part it out but she has a pulse and I feel deserves to live on. The body and floors are in surprisingly good shape for a Checker, not show car but pretty good. I tried to take pictures of all the areas that need attention. Feel free to PM me for more pictures and videos. Has the V6 229 Chevy, TH400 trans that was serviced 3000 miles ago, 2:72 rearend. PS, PB, AC (I assume broken), Cruise Control (disabled), rear defogger, working AM/FM radio, Spot light (doesn’t turn on), full Marathon hubcaps, chrome grill and bumper guards. Clean A11 Taxi title! Outside of it needing a frame its missing a rubber stone guard, fly wheel inspection cover, jack and foot and the trunk lock (had the key broken off in it so I had to take the cylinder apart to get the key out) parts there. Includes two sets of keys. THIS CAR IS NOT SAFE TO DRIVE anything more than around the block, if that, due to the bad frame. It will drive up on to a trailer or you could probably tow dolly it but I recommend a trailer. I am putting this out for best offer with bids starting at $500 and let this go a week or so. You must promise to put a good frame under it and not part it out. If I saw this add I would be like yes parts car but I don’t want that to happen to this car.

PM me with offers via Facebook messaging