The Automobile Manufacturers Association was a trade group of  American Manufactures which operated under various names in the United States from 1911 to 1999.  Originally formed in 1911 as the Automobile Board of Trade, in 1913, group became the National Automobile Chamber of Commerce.

In 1934, the same group renamed itself to the Automobile Manufacturers Association.  This was the name the group had the longest and became the best known by. It focused upon establishing a code for fair competition. In 1939, it moved its headquarters from New York City, where it had been close to the financial community, to Detroit where the manufacturers were all based.

n August 1972, the group changed its name to the Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association, to reflect the growing importance of truck makers.

One of the core products produced by the AMA was the AMA Automobile Specification Form.  This was a standard form that allowed manufacturers to utilize an industry standard for identifying all relevant features, attributes and metrics of the respective products produced.

Each form contains a wealth of information for every manufactures complete product line.  We are very lucky to present the Checker Motors submitted forms for the Checker Marathon and Aerobus.  Free to all, several can be found in our website archive. A more complete inventory of reports are held within our Facebook files tab in our Facebook group.

For the record, about half of the documents were donated by the Markin family to the ICTA in 2016.  The remaining documents were scanned by this writers source from my own personal collection.  Thanks to all, that made the archive possible.  The majority of the forms are can actually be found on the ICTA Facebook group.

To sample these reports, just click on the link below.