As this blog is being written, a gigantic snow storm is racing across the US.   The Midwest, Southeast and Northeast is experiencing the first big storm of the season.  For the next two to three month Checker outdoor activity will be limited.  Thankfully this writer was able to get one more Checker event in before being locked up in a warm house for the remainder of the season.   Feeling a little like Santa Claus, this writer made his final winter delivery of Lawrence Scrapyard Checker Parts.

For our active Facebook ICTA members,  most are familiar with AJ Voiles.  AJ has been an active participant in the group for about three years.  Coming into the hobby with limited Checker experience,  AJ is now a full fledge Checker nut.  Over the last few years AJ has been able to save a number of Checkers to salvage for parts.  Parts required to restore is Checker Aerobus.

AJ owns a remarkable piece of Chicago history,  AJ is in the process of restoring the Chicago O’Hare Inn shuttle bus.  This Aerobus is also historical as it was depicted in a 1964 Checker Motor Corp. Aerobus brochure, clearly this is a keeper.  AJ has made great progress on the Aerobus in the short time that he has owned the vehicle.  Keep in mind, with eight doors and eight seats, restoring one Aerobus, is like restoring two cars!  The Aerobus needs a lot of sheetmetal, so significant sources for parts will be required to get the Aerobus back on the road.

The recent dumping of Checkers in Lawrence, Mass was just the opportunity for AJ to take advantage off in order to get the job done restoring the Aerobus.  Anybody who knows AJ on the Facebook page will be familiar with AJ’s long time search for an Aerobus cage.  We’re happy to report that via the Lawrence salvage operation led by Dan Smith, AJ know has his cage!!!

Along with the cage, AJ also took delivery of four clean rust free doors and a tailgate, that were hours away from being crushed and sent to China for steel production. The best of the deal was that the parts were delivered by hardworking and dedicated ICTA members interested in supporting each other.

To date nine complete Checkers have been saved from the Lawrence fleet.  Two to four historical Checkers are still available for purchase, including the 57 Chevy/Checker Aerobus Conversion, UPS Checker and a Medi-Car.  We’re happy to report that ICTA members are now taking advantage of the salvage operation.



New used doors for the Aerobus