According to the 1966 Checker Motors Aerobus press release “the 6 and 8 door models, has been introduced without change from the previous models “Built from the ground up” as a heavy-duty, multi-passenger limousine, the Aerobus, according to the manufacture, has found an increased acceptance among resorts, air lines, hotels, motels, hospitals, business firms and services requiring inter-city and inter-plant transportation. “Whenever there is the need to move 9 to 12 people, complete with baggage, packages, etc., in complete comfort and in limousine style –that’s where the Aerobus serves the public best,“ Apparently the folks at Glacier Parks Red Bus Service were paying attention.

Roe Emery (1875-1953) was one of two principals behind the creation of Glacier’s iconic Red Buses. Emery and Walter White, a vice president of the Cleveland-based White Motor Company and Checker god Ben Merkel’s great uncle, which built the Red Buses, introduced transportation to the park in 1914. Many in the current fleet of Red Buses have been in service since the mid-1930s. The Red Buses were the first authorized motor transportation utility in any National Park.  Today in 2019, the Red Bus fleet is still in operations,  and running with one 1966 Checker Aerobus.

Please find below two Youtube videos of the Checker serving park visitors/